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Blackhead pimple blemish face acne extractor tool



Double sided acne extraction tool that assist in removal of pimples. Smaller loop should be used on face with larger loop used for bigger areas such as back. The secret to using this tool is to use gentle pressure and not press down too hard. Comes in stainless steel to hinder irritation.


1) Clean tool with alcohol.
2) Clean face and hands with Natty Posh Cleanser and then apply warm, clean towel over the area for ten minutes before extraction.
3) Gently press down around the clogged pore using the smallest loop. If the blackhead or whitehead doesn't budge, use Natty Posh - Clear Skin acne spot treatment to help loosen it.
4) After pimple is removed, clean face & hands again. Clean tool with alcohol and keep in sealed bag.

Blackhead pimple blemish face acne extractor tool Reviews

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