What does natural mean?
Our ingredients are sourced from natural & organic farming. Some organic ingredients can be certified while others can be wildcrafted. There are instances where some ingredients will be formed from safe synthetics which are derived from natural sources.

How organic are your products?
We make a concerted effort to choose suppliers who have been certified organic. However, we have found some suppliers who practice friendly environmental processes who have not yet achieved organic certification. We have found their ingredients to perform masterfully. We strive to be 100% organic from ethical sourcing.

What is shelf life of your products?
Our water based products can be used 6 months from day you receive the product. Our oil based products can last one year. If you live in warm, moist climate we recommend placing water based products in refrigerator when not being used to prolong shelf life and potency. Many factors can affect a product such as humidity, heat or contaminants, if a product shows mold or discoloration it should be thrown away.

What makes Natty Posh different?
We don’t have products “on the shelf,” ready to ship when your order comes in. Instead we make small, micro-batches that ensure freshness, performance and affordability. We spend valuable time with each customer to make sure we are getting it right.
We take our ingredients serious. Each formula is organized to maximize beneficial effects of natural & organic ingredients. Our containers are glass to extend the potency & effectiveness of essential oils included in most formulas.