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Gua Sha Facial - Natural Rose Quartz Flat Stone



Premium healing stone that purifies, improves skin elasticity, reduces puffiness resulting in a beautiful glow. The rose quartz also called "love stone", is naturally more cooling than Jade stone. Rose quartz is gaining in its popularity for improved circulation and self love. This flat Gua Sha facial stone is ideal for head & neck.



1) wash with soap and water before use.

2) Slide/scrape in gentle smooth motion upward starting at your neck and moving into area next to your ear (where lymphatic nervous system drains impurities). 

3) Finish with gentle upward strokes of forehead.



* You can refrigerate to extend coolness of rose quartz (keep in sealed bag while in refrigerator or freezer)

* Some recharge crystal in sunlight or moonlight.

Gua Sha Facial - Natural Rose Quartz Flat Stone Reviews

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